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Top 6 Reasons You Can Use To Grow Your Dental Practice

Top 6 Reasons You Can Use To Grow Your Dental Practice


Postcard marketing remains one of the most popular means of attracting new customers, reconnecting with existing customers and retaining them. To help you reach out to potential customers, here are direct mail marketing tips to help grow your dental practice.

  • Postcards trounces mail in an envelope

You may be wondering how the above is true. For starters, postcards have a high read rate than mail in an envelope. How? Well, postcards have two sides, the front and back. The front is designed with a full color photo. Brief punchy headlines together with the business logo and brand name are usually included. The back is filled with a message and call to action statements that prompt customers to take action. Mail in an envelope usually ends up in the rubbish bin without even a glance at the message. This means the message will have no impact on the customer.

Yes, postcards are part of junk mail but the photo and design of the postcard prompts the customer to keep it. They may end up sticking the postcard on the refrigerator door with a magnet. As a result, they will be reminded each day that a particular brand offers certain products.

  • Send postcards repeatedly

When a business sends out the first set of postcards, the response rate will surely be low especially if the budget was minimal. If the same strategy is repeated, the response from customers will still be low. This will surely discourage the business and they may opt to abandon marketing the business. Don’t! This will be like committing business suicide.

What you need to do is repeat mailing. This means sending postcards to your mailing list repeatedly. The more your customers come across your brand name and logo, the more it will stick in their mind. As a result, they will take action and contact your sales team.

So, don’t be the one-shot in the dark kind of dentist. Repeat mailing is the right strategy to practice.

  • Cheap is expensive

To ensure success especially when it comes to postcard marketing, hire the right company. Selecting a company that offers cheap prices for its services is no guarantee that the results will be off high quality. Actually, you will be disappointed by the results.

As a dentist, it’s wise to look for a good postcard company. Not only will they handle the design but printing and mailing too. This will save you on shipping costs as they don’t have to ship the postcards to your business premises for mailing. Furthermore, they can help you procure your target mailing list.

To select the right postcard company, there are a few steps to take. Start by requesting for references. This will allow you to contact their past customers and learn about their service record. Secondly, make sure the postcard company is able to design using the latest technology. They should also use the best coating techniques like spot UV printing. Lastly, the right company should handle mailing and procuring of the mailing list professionally.

  • Full color front plus black and white back equals great response

As said earlier, a postcard has two sides, the front and the back. The front is the face of the postcard and so it is common to find it full of color with a photo of the business products. Furthermore, you will come across brief and punchy headlines designed to capture your attention. Don’t forget the brand name and logo. At the back, the background is white. This provides space for the business to add a message designed to entice the customer to purchase products from the business.

A business can capitalize on the back by having a great design on the front. For example full color, high glossy finish with short and informative headlines. This will prompt the customer to turn the postcard over and then he or she will encounter your business contact, call to action message and your offer.

  • Promote a single offer per postcard

I know you may be tempted to include multiple offers on your postcard but don’t! Doing so will overload the postcard with information thus reducing the read rate and ultimately, the response rate. To attract your customers attention and prompt them to take action, promote a single offer on each postcard.

For example, you have a dental practice. Your biggest money maker is teeth whitening procedure. On the other hand, you do implants, root canals and dentures together with regular cleaning. Instead of promoting all the products and services above, start with teeth whitening products. This will attract interest. Follow up with the next product – implants, dentures and root canal procedures.

Don’t forget to add your business contact and call to action messages.

  • Capitalize on postcard marketing

Did you know that you can drive your business from zero to millions in revenue by using postcard marketing along? Well, it will not be easy but if you follow these tips, you will surely attain your goals. For starters, you must hire the right postcard company. Look for a company with a great service record. To do so, request for references and contact them.

When it comes to designing, ensure that the latest technology is used. This is the same with printing. Don’t settle for normal black and white print for all sides, the front should be full color and highly glossy while the back should be black and white.

When it comes to mailing, don’t be like the one-shot in the dark type, send postcards to your target customers repeatedly. Don’t stick to the same design, messages and offers. Diversify and offer your customers something different with each postcard.

Final Word

Implementing the six tips above will surely improve the response rate and your ROI. As a result, your dental practice will continue growing giving you the opportunity of opening up new branches. Remember, the key is capitalizing on postcard marketing.


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