Thinking About Tax Time – Dont Dread….

As we approach the end of the year, we tend to get caught up in thinking about holidays and family and shopping. One thing that we often forget about is tax time. While planning for taxes is something that business owners should be thinking about all year, it’s especially important as the year comes to […]

What Equipment Do You Need to Start a Business Cards Printing?

The first writing surface was used in Egypt in 3000 BC while the first ink manufactured from lamp black was used in China. In 794 AD, the first paper mill was established in Baghdad followed by the introduction of wood block printing by the Chinese in 932 AD. This was followed by the invention of […]

Top 6 Reasons You Can Use To Grow Your Dental Practice

Postcard marketing remains one of the most popular means of attracting new customers, reconnecting with existing customers and retaining them. To help you reach out to potential customers, here are direct mail marketing tips to help grow your dental practice.

Top 5 EDDM Design Tips

Using Every Door Direct Mail service helps to attract more customers to your business.  As an affordable form of marketing, Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM allows a business to experience a higher ROI and enables customers to take action. The good news is that there are hundreds of postcard designs. Selecting the appropriate design for your business can be a bit tricky. Lucky for you, we have compiled tips to help you select the right template.

7 Brilliant Marketing Ideas for Small Business Owners in 2017

As we close the door on another calendar year, it’s time to start thinking about effective marketing ideas for small business owners in 2017. Here is a list of seven tips to give you a competitive edge in the new year.